Slow Clothing book launches

Slow Clothing: finding meaning in what we wear presents a compelling case for wearers to change the way we dress and encapsulates a philosophy that is the antithesis of fast fashion.

Based on Jane Milburn’s five-year journey into natural fibres and upcycling, the book was launched recently in Sydney by ABC-TV’s War on Waste crusader Craig Reucassel and in Brisbane by ABC broadcaster Rebecca Levingston.

ABC-TV’s War on Waste crusader Craig Reucassel and Jane Milburn at The Happenstore.

Rebecca Levingston with Jane Milburn, photo left, and with Brisbane City Council’s Field Services Chairman Cr Peter Matic, Robyn Sheptooha and Peter Lewis at the Brisbane launch of Slow Clothing.

It includes the Slow Clothing Manifesto as a framework for choosing, wearing and caring for clothes as well as simple upcycling techniques and ways to repair and mend clothes. There are diagrams showing how to do basic hand-stitching, darning and sewing on a button.

‘Hand stitching is a mindful and useful activity. The book demystifies and makes it accessible to everyone—as a way to explore our own creativity and do our bit for planetary health by extending the useful life of existing clothes,’ Jane said.

Slow Clothing is based on individuals gaining autonomy and agency through 10 conscious beliefs and actions—think, natural, quality, local, few, care, make, revive, adapt and salvage.

‘With Slow Clothing, we reflect our own style and spirit, independent of fashion cycles. We buy carefully, gain skills, and care for what we wear as an embodiment of ourselves. Through this action we, the wearers, become original, authentic and resourceful.

‘When we can mend and make our own mark on things, we are liberated from commodification and an endless search for meaning though buying more stuff.’

Jane founded Textile Beat in Brisbane in 2013 as a way of rethinking clothing culture based on creative ways of dressing and has presented hundreds of slow clothing workshops and talks around Australia with individuals, groups, teachers, students and councils.

Order a copy of Slow Clothing, the book, through for $28 plus postage. #slowclothing #waronwasteau

The Sew it Again eco-clothing project

ABC presenter Rebecca Levingston and Jane MilburnJane is excited to be merging her creative and communication skills into a campaign of her own making after years of running them for others.

Sew it Again 2014 will see Jane demonstrate upcycling through daily garment creation, share knowledge through social media and talks, empower others through upcycling workshops, and enjoy wearing clothes that are ethical, sustainable and original.

The project links Jane’s memories of childhood, training as an agricultural scientist, communications expertise, agribusiness networks and love of nature into the important ecological health issue which is our burgeoning global mountain of textile waste.

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