20 things Jane did in 2015

Reflecting on how I spent my time in 2015 (in chronological order) and planning for 2016

  1. Was interviewed by the entertaining Tim Cox on 612ABC local radio about #sewitagain
  2. Enjoyed a card-making day with Baked Relief team for #lovetothewest campaign
  3. Hosted an engagement party for my son Max and his lovely fiancée Steph
  4. Applied for a Churchill Fellowship and was unsuccessful
  5. Developed a pattern for my history shift/pinny and made a few from rescued clothing
  6. Presented a WOW Bite (on slow fashion) with my friends Keelen Mailman and Helen Hill
  7. Enjoyed a beautiful wedding at Gabbinbar as son Casey married his sweetheart Jenna
  8. Became the cover story of Australia’s iconic sustainability magazine Grass Roots
  9. Told Ag Minister Barnaby Joyce I upcycled natural fibres, he said why would you do that?
  10. Published paper in Home Economics Institute of Australia Journal (Vol 22, No1, 2015)
  11. Ran a weekend upcycling workshop with the lovely ladies from Biloela Arts Council
  12. Celebrated with friends as my beautiful baby daughter Lily turned 21
  13. Was named slow fashion expert in TV and newspaper stories at Fairholme Fashion Week
  14. Climbed St Vitus Cathedral tower at Prague in the Czech Republic with my friend Kay
  15. Foraged for wild apples in Brno CZ and stewed them to then eat with yoghurt
  16. Guest speaker at a national Keep Australia Beautiful awards dinner in Brisbane City Hall
  17. The adjective inspirational was used alongside my name by more than one person
  18. Addressed Brisbane City Council about developing a more sustainable clothing culture
  19. Put on weight as I ate too much sweet stuff and wasn’t active enough in between times
  20. Sat on interview panel for potential candidates in the Australian Rural Leadership Program
  21. and PS – I bought no new clothes (but did buy new shoes and underwear)     By Jane Milburn


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