Nurturing creativity through upcycling

nurturing creativity column for webThe clothes you wear are statements about your personality, values and perspective. Every day you make choices on what to wear but unless you or friends and family are empowered with simple sewing and design skills, you are a slave to current fashion in-store and online.

Constantly seeking new clothes can be time-consuming, expensive and overwhelming. The alternative is to become more inventive and reuse, repurpose, and recreate existing pieces in your wardrobe.

As an agricultural scientist, I value the resources, effort and cost that go into producing natural fibres. That’s what led me to find creative ways to rescue garments made from wool, linen, cotton or silk, and recast them for a second life.

I’m following the heart on a creative journey to inspire novel ways of upcycling discarded natural fibre garments found in your wardrobe, cast off by your friends or harvested in opportunity shops. Continue Reading →