Sew it Again

Jane Milburn wears upcycled

Jane Milburn wears upcycled for ABC radio interview Brisbane

Sew it Again was the 2014 project of Textile Beat, in which Jane Milburn explored ways to reuse existing clothing and textile resources.  Visit the 365-day eco-clothing project website for creative ways to reuse discarded garments. These include the upcycled eight-shirt skirt, right, which is Sew 285.

We know there comes a time in every garment’s life when it becomes dated, damaged and discarded. After it ceases to be useful in its original form, the natural fibres are primed for reconstruction into other garments or objects. Jackets into cushions, jumpers into skirts, long dresses into short dresses. Refashioning or repurposing is creative, easy and fun … and an economical way to expand your wardrobe.

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upcycled top to skirt

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